When I thought about teaching more classes I thought about what I would like as a participant. Being a serial project person, I wanted to share my enthusiasm about making things. Making dye samples is fine, and a good way to get introduced to the natural dyeing process. 

I wanted to bring it forward a step and take participants through the steps of dyeing yarn and then starting the process of making something they would use themselves or give as a gift. I thought this might start to demystify it and encourage a feeling of 'I can do this at my house!'

And for those folks who come for the experience, they too will go home with something they can wear—with the memories of a couple of really fun afternoons attached.

The other idea I had was about sharing the excitement of the 'reveal'. The first comes when the yarn is lifted from the dye bath and untied. Ohhh and ahhh! The second comes when the knitting has progressed far enough to show the pattern. It's fun to see your own, and even more fun to see many others revealed! 

There's just a wonderful feeling of sharing with new pals and encouraging each other that can uplift a class into a kind of community. I just love that!